About Us

Mission of PCPAP

  1. Bring together Spanish speaking working people in the U.S. and connect them with their Latin American heritage.
  2. Address the issues that pertain to the latino community (racism & xenophobia, immigration, neoliberalism, labor exploitation)
  3. Preserve important elements in our cultural, and progressive traditions, amplify the forward-looking elements in our communities, work with other socially-advanced organizations and coalitions within the USA.
  4. Struggle for an economically just society for all people in the Americas. 

Proposed Mission statement: We seek to combat structural issues that interfere with the pursuit of equality for Latin Americans and Latino descendents. Through this work, we aim to build a peaceful and just society in all of the Americas. 


  • To unite the latino community against work place exploitation and discrimination
  • Development of community needs via housing and recreation, education access
  • Combat xenophobia and discriminatory immigration policies, detention centers, etc.
  • Support democracy and oppose political intervention against countries in Latin America
  • Support friendship and peace resolutions for all the nation-states in the Americas

Goals for the Executive

  • Establish a PCPAP website
  • Start working on getting articles for the latest edition of La Voz
  • Finding who can make the layout for La Voz 
  • Appoint an Editorial Board
  • Establish connections with progressives all throughout the USA.
  • Build the mass organization and its influence.
  • Work closely with the other PCUSA mass orgs.